Buy wooden pallets and bespoke pallets

We offer a full range of pallet types and specifications, and will help ensure you’re using the appropriate specification and type of pallet for your needs. When goods have been damaged in storage or transportation, the use of the wrong type of pallet can often be the main cause so it’s vital to use the right type.

If required, we can provide a bespoke ‘made to measure’ option if you need something specific.

We’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

One option is to try a sample pallet which we’ll make up to your specifications so you can see if it meets your needs. Or you could try using a small sample of made to order pallets and increase the quantity once you’re satisfied they’re an appropriate type for your requirements.

2 Way

So-called because it can be entered one of two ways – such as by fork lift truck.

4 Way

Can be entered one of four ways by fork lift, and can have different configurations such as open or closed ends, wings, and can be fully reversible (where there is a top and bottom deck)

We use new, heat treated wood from timber importers and each pallet we make is sturdy and built to withstand the inevitable punishment it will take.

We’ll gladly hold pallet stock for you, and provide a 48 hour turnaround for delivery.

If you are transporting goods abroad and require heat treated pallets as per the ISPM 15 regulations, then this can be arranged including official stamping of each pallet and the provision of the necessary certificates.

We’re confident we can provide the right pallet for you whether it’s a standard type or something built to order.
Please discuss your needs with us.